Order Management

Using the IVR system, customers can ask for the status of outstanding deliveries. The connection of the IVR application to the back office warehouse provides the caller with current information about what’s available or out of stock products.

For return services by using the push buttons on a phone, information like customer number, data and part of the day can be entered for the return service. By using a database, information such as name, address, and other personal information,the database can be collected and added to a file that is sent to the freight carrier. The items to be returned will then be collected from the customer at the chosen date and time.

For ordering systems the client make a call, enters a catalog number using the push buttons on their phone, and immediately hears whether the article is in stock or not. It also includes an automated information service that advises the customer, via text message, when the product is available again-this feature improves customer retention and loyalty overall.

Different types of Order & Delivery

Order taking Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

We create programs for applications to accept product names or other identifiers, making it easier for callers to place orders. We also validate credit card information and addresses to provide reference information from caller inquiries.

Real time Status Notification

Reference code and order numbers are provided for each of the customer’s orders via our IVR text-to-speech engine.

Call Back Applications

Your automated call is important part of the process in getting you connected with your customers. Our programmed system can capture a potential customer's name and phone number during heavy volume hours. The call center agent would then be able to call customers back to close sales.

New Product Endorsement

Our system generates a buzz for you before your new product arrives! Automated outbound messages will send notifications right before it hits the market.