Preference Managed, Secure, & Effective
Multi-Channel Customer Contact Solutions

Enhance your contact center and customer communication strategies with our PCI compliant hosted IVR and automated messaging solutions. With over 22 years of expertise in the communications industry and can integrate with your systems and processes to provide you with premium service 24/7. Over the years, our company has built a reputation that allows our clients to trust us with our bank grade data center security and redundancy, providing you with the tools you need to successfully communicate with your customers.

Automated Customer
Contact Solutions

Proactive solutions that deliver information to your customers effectively without compromising their experience. Manage your inbound and outbound IVR solutions such as survey calls, account notifications, fraud alerts, collection reminders & more using our campaign management tools and systems.


Hosted IVR

A robust interactive voice response system that allows you to communicate with your customers securely. We offer PCI compliant customized hosted IVR & PBX solutions that can handle high volume of calls, route calls to multiple contact center sites, process payments and more.


Industry Specific Solutions

Regardless of your business type, the size of your company, or number of locations, we are devoted to deliver business communications solutions tailored to suit your needs. [Learn more]

Let Us Design, Develop,and Host Your Interactive Communication Solutions

Preference Managed Customer Contact Campaigns
Unified File Processing For Multiple Initiatives
Custom File Processing Rules And Flows
Emergency "Dial-In, Record And Launch" Campaigns
Real Time Two Way Authentication
Real Time Vs. Batch Mode File Processing
Development Solution
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We strive to develop solutions that solve your customer communication requirements. Ask us about some of the custom solutions we have created for our clients or let us create one that is unique to you! [Learn more]