Automated Reminder Notifications

As part of outbound IVR solutions, TouchLogic’s Automated Reminder Notifications include payment reminders, appointment reminders, membership renewals, shipment reminders, planned outage reminders and more.

TouchLogic can enable an interactive option with a menu or an opportunity to transfer to an agent for further assistance. This is an automated process, which helps business owners to recover revenue and improve organizational efficiency. With minimal setup, the campaign can run automatically with a custom dashboard.

Many of our client has specific requirements when it comes to IBR solution. TouchLogic works with you to develop the solution you need. TouchLogic will send out automated pre-recorded reminder to your customers and provide them with an option to transfer to the call center during low occupancy times. Results such as, rapid reduction in appointment no-shows, this automated reminders cost only a fraction of the cost of having live agents calling the customers.

Key Features
  • Interactive, personalized outbound communications via IVR, Email and SMS
  • Scalable cloud based hosting with maximum up-time
  • Real time call in progress analysis for better campaign spper-formance
  • Analytics and custom reporting with real time application
  • Customized campaign management dashboard with intuitive GUI
  • 24/7 application development and testing support