IVR Payment Processing

Inconsistent customer experience is not good for any business. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are not only an essential tool for [ Read more..]

Automated Financial IVR Services

TouchLogic works with financial services such as banks or insurance companies to communicate with their customers [ Read more..]

Surveys, Research & Poll IVR

Surveys, research and polling IVR solutions are simple, smart and an economical way to collect customer data. They also help to get customized reporting [ Read more..]

Voice Broadcast, SMS & Email Blast

TouchLogic offers an outbound text, email, and voice broadcast software platform to keep your customers informed in real-time. Text, email and call blast [ Read more..]

Automated Reminder Notifications

As part of outbound IVR solutions, Automated Reminder Notifications include payment reminders, appointment [ Read more..]

Order & Delivery IVR Management

Using the IVR system, customers can ask for the status of outstanding deliveries. The connection of the IVR application to the back office warehouse [ Read more..]

Customer Contact Center Solution

With Queue Estimated Wait Time customers get to know about the waiting time during a call from the customer contact center [ Read more..]

Automated Notifications Systems

IVR solutions featuring automated notifications help companies deliver real time notifications to large groups of people located [ Read more..]