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Financial Services

The financial services industry encompasses a broad range of segments including banking, credit unions and credit card organizations. While each segment may focus on different aspects of the financial arena, a common thread is the need to maintain customer loyalty, grow revenues and decrease operational costs.

Sample Applications:

  • Customer Notifications
  • Customer Welcome Calls
  • Debt Collections
  • Payment Reminders
  • Customer Surveys
  • Credit Card Activations
  • Fraud Alerts
  • And much more!

How TouchLogic can Help Financial Service Organizations:

Using advanced technology and the power of the multi-channel communications, TouchLogic’s automated customer communications are a simple, effective and timely approach to complement the customer service initiatives in the financial services industry.

3rd Party Collections

Automated voice activation is an efficient and cost-effective tool for faster debt recovery and more right party contacts. Studies show that individuals need to be contacted as quickly as possible after a past due date if businesses are to recoup the amount owed to them. In fact, the longer a business waits after a past due date to contact the debtor, the less likely the business is to collect its payment. While the collections process can be a difficult task in and of itself, it can be further compounded by the additional time and energy required to locate the proper individual to resolve the collections case. The more time it takes to verify the right party, there is less likelihood of a collections payment.

Debt payment reminders

  • Right party verification for warm transfer to live agents
  • Debt payments
  • Promise to Pay