Customer Contact Center Solutions

Queue Estimated Wait Time & Queue Callback

With our queue estimated wait time feature, Queue Callback gives consumers the chance to know how long the wait will be during a call from the customer contact center. The automated message “Your call is important to us, All of our agents are busy” as the initial greeting and wait time might frustrate some customers. Providing an estimated wait time may improve the customer waiting experience to stay in queue; however, some callers might also want to hang up and try again later. That’s where the TouchLogic queue call back feature comes in.

With Queue Callback, customers are not forced to wait until an agent becomes available. TouchLogic offers a feature that allows requesting a call back from an agent without losing their place in the queue. Customers enter their phone number and the smart queue automatically dials the customer back and routes the call to the next available agent. No searching required through CRM or voicemail records to find customer contact information.

How Queue Estimated Wait Time Benefits the Business

This alleviates the frustration of waiting in lengthy call queues to speak with available agents. From a business perspective, it helps with cost saving by not paying for wasted minutes your callers previously spent on hold. This also helps to assess, manage and forecast agent traffic load by allowing agents to shed traffic during peak times and perform callbacks during off-peak hours.