At TouchLogic we understand that not every solution and service fits your needs right out of the box.Your customers rely on your communication systems more than ever to access information and complete basic tasks.Developing a robust IVR application that is personalized to your needs,is integrated with your internal systems, and allows you faster resolution on customer complaints can be a convoluted process.We are here to make it easier.

Our team of experts helps you create custom telephony and communication applications for your unique requirements.Our consultative services are targeted to help organizations develop and implement effective communication solutions that leverage existing knowledge of customer behaviour and preferences.

With decades of IVR software development expertise,TouchLogic has helped customers reduce fraud,decrease overhead costs,and increase profitability.Our team is known for fast turnaround times and rigorous project management processes-key factors for custom development and implementation.

We manage every step of your custom build from conception, visualisation, scripting, recording. testing, development, analysis, through to reporting. We have developed a multitude of custom solutions including enhanced versions of our off the shelf products and services to fully customized/new applications.Either way,our goal is to help your customers communicate with you efficiently while reducing cost of contact.

  • Custom Emergency Notification Solution
  • Two-Way Authentication for Fraud Prevention
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Surveys
  • Web Services
  • Self-Service Application(inbound and outbound)
  • Unified File processing
  • perference managed Customer Contact Solution
  • Custom File processing Rules
  • Multi-Channel-Unified process(SMS,Voice Calls,Emails)
  • Real Time vs.Batch Mode Proessing