Automated Notification Systems

IVR solutions featuring automated notifications help companies deliver real-time notifications to large groups of people located anywhere around the world

Emergency Notifications

You can’t predict an emergency, but you can be as prepared as possible to handle one. Here at TouchLogic, we offer a distribution channel for all clients to use emergency notifications.

Possible Scenarios:

Approaching storms or power outages
A pre-booked event has cancelled at the last minute
Operations has been interrupted by technical difficulties
Notify customers about a product recall or other post-sales notifications


TouchLogic offers an automated, cost-effective solution to rapidly broadcast an emergency notification message to a large number of customers, suppliers or employees.With a custom feature called Auto Alarm - it’s easy to notify people on a phone. Also, the use of the Auto Alarm’s web based voice broadcasting management aids the communicate to people automatically and consistently in a short time frame. Automated voice broadcasting notifications or call blasts are simple, quick and are a convenient way to deal with unexpected events.

Featured Automated Notifications

  • System Changes or Outages
  • Weather Alerts
  • Product Recalls
  • Fraud/Breach Notifications
  • Account Notifications
  • Deliveries
  • Flight Delays
  • Power outages